What is Factorio?

Factorio is a game where you build and maintain factories, it first started development in 2009 and has since become a massively popular strategy based game. After the initial release we heard almost nothing from the development team, however towards the end of 2020 we began to see more active development for the game.

In 2021 we have seen a huge spur in development - our Factorio Server Hosting has been updated countless times and more of our users are choosing to host Experimental servers over Stable. It got us wondering, what's happening with this game and why are we seeing a sudden influx of new users for Factorio? The answer was simple, the development team have really upped their game and began bug squashing and feature building.

What's new?

There are a lot of new features in Factorio 1.1+, but these are a few of our favourites.

  • Speed and efficiency - the new Factorio servers are fast, like, really fast. In their own blog post the team recorded a reduction of 50% in time taken to save large world files to disk! When your world gets large enough it can sometimes take minutes to save, so this is a welcome improvement.
  • New and improved GUI - the new Factorio UI additions are simply stunning, the Train and the Station tabs are great additions to the overview screen and add a meaningful addition to the usability of the game.
  • Blueprint Flipping - This has to be our favourite addition to the new release of Factorio - the ability to take your blueprint from one side of a train track and simply flip it onto the other side is a real efficiency boost.

What should we be expecting in the future from Factorio?

A huge expansion pack is coming. Fans around the world will be happy to hear the Factorio development team are working on an expansion pack for the game. We don't know when this expansion pack is going be be released, or specifically what it will include, howeverif the team continue their impressive track record, then I think we will be blown away by the new content.

2021 is set to be an interesting year to get your teeth into Factorio, the game is more stable than ever, it is far more usable that the first versions and new DLC is on the way - the whole team at ServerFlex is so excited to see what is coming next for this game.