1. We'll start with the biggest change - a new game has arrived! We now offer Valheim server hosting in the UK, USA, and Germany; it is quickly becoming one of the most popular games on our platform and leads us onto our second big announcement.
  2. We have extended capacity in the UK and USA due to an enormous amount of growth in February, and as such we have scaled our hosting capacity in the UK and USA to match demand.
  3. New plans are available for Factorio. Not only did we see a huge rate of growth  in our user base in February, users are also hosting larger servers with us, and we have created new plans for Factorio to meet demand.
  4. Our trial system has changed. All users (both existing and new) can now deploy their first server for free and trial the services. Previously, users were only able to deploy trial services before they upgraded their account to a paid subscription. We decided to change this As a result of the huge influx of existing users interested in our Valheim hosting. We're happy to announce that the changes necessary are live, and you can now run one trial of every game at any point in your account's lifetime!
  5. Our Android app will be entering alpha testing soon - it has been on the backburner for a few months as we have had higher priorities, but we're excited to get your feedback. We'll be posting more information about the app shortly, so watch this space!