Mods can add new features, items, and even entire game mechanics, allowing you to customize your game in ways you never thought possible. In this article, we’ll cover the basics of installing mods on a Factorio server. We’ll go over where to find mods, how to install them, and how to make sure they’re running correctly. Let’s get started!

Where do I find mods?

Server mods can usually be found on the official website of Factorio ( They may also be available through third-party websites that specialize in modding, but we reccomend pulling all your mods from the Official Portal.

How do I install the mods?

Before installing mods on Factorio, you'll need to find a mod that's compatible with your server version. Additionally, some mods require other mods to work properly, so be sure to check each one for any mod dependencies.

Head over to and login with your Factorio account. You must login in with your Factorio account to download mods.

Once you have identified the mods you need, you download the files to your computer and then use the FTP protocol to upload them to the server.

FTP (file transfer protocol) and built-in control panel file managers are two methods of uploading mod files from a computer to a server. With FTP, users can easily transfer files between their computer and the server by using an FTP client program (like FileZilla). The built-in file manager can also be used to upload files to the server, allowing users to drag and drop files directly into the server's file system. Both methods are secure and reliable, making them ideal for transferring mod files.

When uploading the mod make sure to upload it into the mods directory.

Once the mod is uploaded, you’ll need to restart the server for the changes to take effect.

Is there an easier way of installing mods?

There is! Use the ServerFlex Factorio Mod Manager instead - this feature is available on all our Factorio Server Hosting plans.

Our in-built mod-management service allows ServerFlex users to install, update and manage mods with ease. The service includes features such as mod versioning, and dependency installation. This makes it easy for users to keep their mods up-to-date and running smoothly.