Bukkit is one of the original plugin frameworks for Minecraft, and it was later discontinued and replaced with Spigot. Spigot servers however generally suffer from one main issue - lag. Spigot is notoriously slow even with a fairly small player count - this is where PaperMC comes along. PaperMC is the next generation of Spigot Minecraft servers and offers a significant performance boost, although if you are playing with a large user count PaperMC servers can still suffer from lag issues. This is where Tunity Servers can come in handy.

Tunity is fork of PaperMC which has been specifically designed to run with larger player counts to enable Minecraft communities to play lag free.

GitHub Project: https://github.com/Spottedleaf/Tuinity

How do I create a Tuinity Server?

When it comes to creating a Tuinity server you have two main options and we'll explore both below.

Option A: Setup a server with a hosting provider (very easy)

If you're not technical or you just want the server setup for you without dealing with the installation then you should choose a hosting provider that support Tuininty Minecraft Server Hosting out of the box - ServerFlex is one of these platforms.  Our one-click installer enables you to deploy your own Tuinity server in less than 30 seconds - we even manage all the upgrades, patches and maintenance for you!


  • One-Click Installation
  • 100% Uptime
  • Easy-to-use Control Panel


  • Paid for service
Create a Tuinity Minecraft server with ServerFlex.

Option B: Setup the server yourself on your computer or a VPS (harder)

If you are looking for a cheaper way to host your servers then this could be a good idea. Setting up and managing your own server is not recommended unless you are fairly technical.


  • Free to run on your own computer
  • Ultra low latency for your connection


  • Harder to setup
  • No control panel by default
  • Could expose your home IP to DDoS attacks.

The first thing you need is a Linux machine (this could work on Windows but the setup will be more complicated). For this example we're going to be using a VPS.

1. Install Java, depending on your distribution you may need to enter a different package.

$ sudo apt update && sudo apt install default-jre wget screen

2. Head to https://ci.codemc.io/job/Spottedleaf/job/Tuinity/ and click on Last stable build.

3. Right click tuinity-paperclip.jar under Build Artifacts and click Copy Link Address, this may be different if you are not using Chrome.

3. Run the following command, make sure that the URL you copied matches the one below.

$ screen -R
$ wget https://ci.codemc.io/job/Spottedleaf/job/Tuinity/lastBuild/artifact/tuinity-paperclip.jar

4. Start the Minecraft server, we recommend at least 2GB of RAM

$ java -Xmx2048m -jar tuinity-paperclip.jar 

5. Press Ctrl+A then D, this will detach from the screen and your server will run in the background. If you'd like to reattach to the server, you can use screen -R.

6. Exit the terminal window and connect to your server!

Make sure to check out our knowledge base for Minecraft server hosting!