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Exclusive Feature

Mod Your Server

One-click Install mods on your server. Don't waste time uploading, installing, updating, finding dependencies - let the ServerFlex control panel handle all of that for you.

Currently Supported For:
Factorio Hosting with Mods
Factorio Mods
Valheim Hosting with Thunderstore Mods
Valheim Thunderstore
New Feature

Server Tasks

Automate your server management, run schedule jobs and perform automated responses to game events.

Read More about Tasks
Servers Tasks / Automation
Plugin One-Click Install

Popular Plugins in One-Click

Looking to play Terraroa with tModLoader or Valheim with Valheim Plus? Install your plugins to your server with a single click. We handle all the installation and updates.

Simple Settings

Fine tune your server directly from the Control Panel. Don't waste time with configuration files and command line arguments.

Server Settings
Talk to us on Discrod

Live Chat

Talk to us on Discord, or open a support ticket.

Talk to us on Discrod

Phone Support

Want to talk to a human? Our team are here, just call +44 333 050 4481.

Talk to us on Discrod

Email Support

Not already a ServerFlex user? Email us at [email protected].



Roll back in seconds with our built in backups. Automatic backups taken twice per day and create your own custom backups throughout the day.

File Manager

Manage files the right way. In-browser file editing with syntax highlighting. Create and extract file archives on your server, and much more.

Use our Unified FTP Service to connect to your server using your regular username and password.

File Manager
Game Servers Hourly Billing

Rent Game Servers Hourly

Looking to play for a few hours with friends, not host for an entire month? We've got you covered. Our unique billing system allows you to rent by the hour.

Read More about how Hourly Billing works.