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What's the difference between hourly and monthly billing?

If you're new to ServerFlex then you may be a little overwhelmed with the flexibility our platform offers; we are the only hosting provider in the world to offer short term flexible game hosting! In this article we will be explaining the difference between hourly and monthl biling.

Hourly vs monthly Servers

What's the difference?

Traditional game hosting platforms only offer monthly billing, the premise of this is to purchase a game server on, say, the 14th of June and have it run for one month - it would expire on the 14th of July. We support this billing model, however we also offer pay hourly - a brand new idea in the game hosting industry. If you have ever used Lime or Bird (E-Scooters) then this billing model may look familiar: pay for the time you're actually using the product, don't rent it for the entire month.

This is the main difference between hourly and monthly - you get to choose how long your server runs for, it saves you money! When you are finished playing CS:GO, for example, simply delete your server and you will no longer be billed for it - it's that simple. We are the only platform that can save you up to 99% of your hosting fees!

When should I choose hourly billing?

Hourly billing is recommended for users who are going to use their server for less than a week - the added flexibility will help you save money if you are only using your server for a short time. Gaming communities and gaming competitions greatly benefit from the flexibility we provide with hourly billing.

When should I choose monthly billing?

If you are sure that your server will be in-use for month than a week we recommend choosing monthly billing. This model will be very familiar to you if you are used to hosting game servers with other providers.