How do I change the max players on a Minecraft server?

Unlike other server providers we do not restrict or change money for additional slots, we only charge you for the memory and CPU that your server consumes. The default server selects a maximum players of 20, but you can quickly change this.

Using ServerFlex

  1. Go to your server on our Web App.
  2. Click settings in the server navigation bar.
  3. Click server on the left menu.
  4. Change max players to the desired amount.
  5. Click save and restart your server.

Not Using ServerFlex

  1. Navigate to your Minecraft server terminal.
  2. Run the command: `/setmaxplayers 10` - this will set the maximum players to 10.
  3. Restart your server.
Note: Your server can only handle so many players at once, you will need to select or upgrade to a higher plan to take full advantage of your server at higher player counts.