How do I change online mode on a Minecraft server?

In some cases you might want to disable authentication, this is used for certain plugins or to enable players which hacked clients to join. While we don't recommend this, we make it easy to change this behaviour on your server.

Warning: Disabling online mode means your server is open to spam, griefing and cracked accounts. Any player can pretend to be another and banning accounts will be meaningless. This also makes any whitelist that is enabled ineffective.

Using ServerFlex

  1. Go to your server on our Web App.
  2. Click settings in the server navigation bar.
  3. Click security on the left menu.
  4. Choose your new value for online mode.
  5. Click save and restart your server.

Not using ServerFlex

If you are not using ServerFlex you will need to edit your server.properties file. Find the line that contains "online-mode" and set this to either "true" or "false".