How do I change the spawn protection on a Minecraft server?

Minecraft servers will by default create a zone around the spawn point, this is to prevent greifers or accidentally exploding the spawn point into the nether. Inside this zone non-operators cannot place or destroy blocks.

Warning: Creepers can still explode inside the protected spawn area.

Using ServerFlex

  1. Go to your server on our Web App.
  2. Click settings in the server navigation bar.
  3. Click world on the left menu.
  4. Change spawn protection to your desired value - this is in blocks.
  5. Click save and restart your server.

Not using ServerFlex

If you are not using ServerFlex you will need to edit your server.properties file. Find the line that contains "spawn-protection" and set this to the number of blocks you would like to protect (this must be a full number).