How do I enable flight on a Minecraft server?

The default behaviour in Minecraft is to kick players who fly, this is to prevent players who use hacked clients. If you're are playing with friends or get kicked by mistake it can be a good idea to disable this protection. It is also a good idea to disable this protection in modded Minecraft as many mods will commonly trigger the flying protection.

WARNING: Allowing flight will make it easier for players to use hacked clients.

Using ServerFlex

  1. Go to your server on our Web App.
  2. Click settings in the server navigation bar.
  3. Click server on the left menu.
  4. Change allow flight to the desired value.
  5. Click save and restart your server.

Not using ServerFlex

If you are not using ServerFlex you will need to edit your server.properties file. Find the line that contains "allow-flight" and set this to either "true" or "false".