How do I installed Valheim Plus on my server?

Valheim.Plus is a mod you can install on your Valheim server to enhance the server's functionality. Commonly requested features such as: Increasing Player Counts, Removing Server Passwords and Map Sharing are included with Valheim Plus as standard.

How do I install Valheim Plus?

Installing Valheim Plus on your server can be a tricky task - however, we have made it a one-click install available with your Valheim server hosting! Using the ServerFlex managed Valheim Plus installation will ensure the mod is installed correctly and you are always running the latest available version.

  1. Head to the ServerFlex Control Panel and find your Valheim server.
  2. Find the tab labeled "Settings" on the navigation menu.
  3. Next, find the tab labelled "Installers".
  4. Valheim Plus will appear in this list. Click "Install" and after a few seconds your server will be setup with Valheim Plus

How are updates handled?

When updates are released for Valheim Plus you will see a banner across the server page to let you know an update is available. Follow the on-screen instructions and the update will be downloaded in a few simple clicks.

Installing the client side mod

You will also need to install the mod on your Valheim client, to do this we recommend checking out the Official Installation Guide on their website.