How do I navigate the EULA for Minecraft?

In order to host a Minecraft server you must comply with the Mojang EULA, you can find it here. The aim of the EULA is to prevent servers from selling ranks, items or any other gameplay enhancements that would make the experience unfair for players. This policy counts even if you are accepting the payment as a donation.

What are some examples of breaking the EULA?

  • Selling the ability to fly
  • Selling items to players
  • Selling staff ranks and privileges

What are some examples of following the EULA?

  • Selling titles
  • Selling cosmetic items
  • Selling a priority queue

Do we enforce the EULA?

While we highly discourage violating the EULA, it is Mojang which enforces the EULA and we cannot be held responsible for their actions. ServerFlex also has no power to reverse decsions made by Mojang. If we discover EULA breaking activity we will be forced to terminate your server.

What happens if I break the EULA?

If you break the EULA, you may receive a warning. In many cases however, your server will be banned and players with unmodified clients will not be able to join. This is a form of shadow ban, as you will be unaware that your server has been banned. You can check by entering your domain name, subdomain and IP address here.