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Getting Started

How do I share my server with other users?

We allow you to share your server with up to 10 other ServerFlex users, this allows you to spread the workload of running your game server. To add other users to your server we will need to head over to the Web App. Navigate to your server and you should see a page like this:

ServerFlex Web App Server Overview

Find and click the button labelled "Share with other users" on the right side of the screen (highlighted in red in the image above). You will now be presented with a page like the one below.

ServerFlex Web App Server Share

Next, look over to the right side of the page for the section labelled "Add User". As mentioned previously, the person you would like to add must already be a ServerFlex user. Type in the email address of the person you would like to add to your server and choose the access level you would like to give the user.

  • Read will allow the user to see your server in their account, they can access all the files, view all settings but cannot make any changes to the server.
  • Write allows the user all the same permissions as read, in addition the ability to edit settings, file and toggle the server on/off.
  • Admin allows the user all the same permissions are read and write, in addition to the ability to delete the server, and add/remove other users from the server.

Click "Add User" and the user will be added to your server! The user will receive an email informing them they have been added. Please note, a user will also receive an email if they are removed from the server.