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How to create a GSLT for CS:GO

In response to Valve policy, all gameservers now require a GSLT token that links your steam account to the gameserver. This is to prevent servers from using plugins which give players knifes, weapon skins etc that they do not own.

What if I violate these policies?

Valve will typically request that you stop hosting the infringing plugins, but may simply revoke your GSLT token without notice. In this case you will need to remove the plugins and retrieve a new GSLT.

Generating a GSLT

First head over to the game servers page here, you'll need to sign into your Steam account.

Steam GSLT Page

Type the application ID, which for CSGO is 730. You can also optionally type a memo to keep track of your keys, but this is not neccessary. This will create a new login token that you can pass into CSGO.