Valheim Hearth and Home Update Available on 16th September!


How do I create a new world on a Valheim server?

Adding a new world on your Valheim server is easy with ServerFlex, you can even generate a world with a specific seed! Follow along below to create your new world.

To get started you will need to head over to your Valheim server in our Control Panel and navigate to your server. When you get to your server overview page you will need to navigate to the "Settings" tab near the top of the page.

World settings in the ServerFlex Control Panel

Next you need to select the box labelled "Create New World". This will show a popup that will have fields for "Name" and "Seed". You must provide a name for your new world, and this must not match any of the worlds already on your server, the max length for the name of a world in Valheim is 20 characters. Optionally you can provide a world generation seed to your new world too, this must be no more than 10 characters.

Create New World for Valheim in the ServerFlex Control Panel

When you have the details filled in just click "Create New World" at the bottom of the popout and wait, our servers will generate a new world file and load it into your server. Please note your server will restart during this process and it is important not to interupt the process once it has started.