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How to create a Spigot Minecraft server.

We make it incredibly easy to deploy popular Minecraft server frameworks, like PaperMC and Spigot. You can create a Spigot server quickly from our control panel, without installing anything manually.

  1. Go to Create a New Minecraft server on our Website or Web App.
  2. Choose your location, we recommend picking the region closest to you and with the best ping.
  3. Select the plan - we recommend no less than 2GB RAM
  4. Next, find the "Version" option and select "Spigot".
  5. Finalise all your other settings and click Deploy!

We recommend downloading your plugins from SpigotMC. They have one of the widest selections of plugins for all Minecraft versions, with plugins usually be uploaded and maintained by the original authors. All plugins are also free to download.

NOTICE: Make sure to download plugins for your Minecraft version, this is a number such as "1.16.4".