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How do I use my existing world on a Valheim server?

We make it simple to use an existing Valheim world with your new server. This world could be a single player world or a multiplayer world you have already hosted in the past; either way we just need two files and you'll be in-game in no time!

Don't like reading how-to guides? We've got a video version of this article below.

To get started you will need to head over to your Valheim server in our Control Panel and navigate to your server. When you get to your server overview page you will need to navigate to the "Settings" tab near the top of the page.

Next you need to select the "World" option on the left hand side. The server can have multiple worlds, so if you already have one it will appear here.

World change screen in the ServerFlex Control Panel

To start uploading your world you need to click "Use Existing" on the right hand side of the screen - a popout will appear asking you to upload your files. Your Valheim world consists of two files a .FWL and a .DB file, both of these must be uploaded for you to continue playing where you left off.

World upload screen in the ServerFlex Control Panel

We need to locate these files on your computer, so start by clicking on the "Select your .FWL File" box, this will open your system file explorer. Click on, then type into the top bar of the explorer window "%appdata%", then go back a directory by clicking "AppData" on the top bar. Then open the "locallow" folder, then "IronGate", then "Valheim" and finally "worlds". All of the worlds you have saved will appear in this directory, so next you need to decide which would you would like to play. Double click on the name of the world you would like to upload.

Next we need to repeat the process with the .DB file - the file name must match the .FWL file name you just uploaded. Click on the box labelled "Select your .DB File", the same file explorer window will open and you should be in the same directory as we just were. If you are not in the same directory repeat the steps as mentioned previously to return to the "worlds" folder.

Finally you need to click the large button at the bottom of the page labelled "Upload World". Ths ServerFlex system will automatically upload and ingest your world files, run validation checks and load your world. Your server will restart during this process and it can take a couple minutes depending on how large your world files are, so please do not exit this window while the upload is processing.

That's it! Your server now has your existing Valheim world loaded and is ready to play!