New Game: Terraria

We receive a lot of requests to add new games, our community don't just play Minecraft, Valheim and Factorio (to name a few), they want to host more and more games on the ServerFlex platform. We listened. We're happy to announce that Terraria is now available to all users! We have been testing this game internally for a couple of weeks (and had a fun time doing it!) and we're confident this is now ready for public release!

New games are going to be arriving very quickly over the following months, we have an ambitious target for the end of the year to meet!

We now accept Cryptocurrencies!

The team at ServerFlex are a big believer in cryptocurrencies, they are clearly the future and we want to get onboard! Starting from early May you will be able to add credit to your account using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and many more! We've integrated BitPay into the ServerFlex platform and are currently just waiting on the paperwork to clear.

Historical server data

You asked - we listened. Basic historical data is now available on your servers (screenshot below). Right now this data only supports CPU, RAM, and SSD usage, however we have plans to expand this system to include metrics such as player count.

View your server's historical usage data in our control panel.

Keep an eye on our API documentation too, all of this data will be available soon!

A big update is coming...

We've been playing this one pretty close to the chest. In addition to all these new features, we've also been working on a mammoth update to the entire ServerFlex platform.

ServerFlex, as it stands as of writing this article, was built as an MVP (minimum viable product) to allow us to test the waters in this industry, without sinking too much time into it. The tidal wave of users and feedback tells us that we've clearly made a splash, so now the armbands are coming off.

Enough of the water puns, what even is this update?

Over the course of the next month, we'll be pushing new systems live that automate and simplify the tasks that we currently have to perform manually. This will enable ServerFlex to add new games and features even quicker than we already do! The immediate gain for you, will be more fine-grain control over your servers, but long term, you can expect to see new games as well as never before seen features much, much faster.

Stay tuned - May is going to be a crazy month for ServerFlex!