Hello everyone - I'm writing this post at the end of the busiest month we have ever had; the team and I have been making major strides in our endless quest to add more functionality, increase stability and super charge performance for all aspects of our platform. Here's this months edition of "What's new at ServerFlex"!

CS:GO is on the horizon.

By far the most requested game to add to our platform is CS:GO, it is a perfect fit for a pricing model like ours. Adding a game to our platform is fairly straight forward, our system is very expandable - however CS:GO has a lot of challenges that games like Minecraft simply do not have - versioning being the biggest headache by far. Valve constantly release new versions of CS:GO with bug fixes and improvements, and users have to play the latest version of the game at all time - this raises a couple of questions, a) How do we know when the new version has been release? b) How do we possibly update all the servers, globally, at once.

These are the technical challenges that have delayed our roll out of CS:GO - but you will be happy to hear that we are in the final stages of testing CS:GO and we expect the game will be rolled out to all locations within the next month or two!

Stability is everything to us.

Over the past month we have been investing heavily in our infrastructure. Making improvements, increasing our network speeds and future-proofing our system so we can continue to bring awesome features to market, while knowing our existing cloud infrastructure is stable, secure and reliable. We haven't experience any major outages thus far so it looks like we're doing something right!

Billing Updates

Many users have got in touch with us asking to offer a truly comparable and flexible billing system - we built it. Our platform now supports the ability to purchase servers for an entire month (for example from the 3rd August until the 3rd September). This is the typically pricing model you see with every other generic hosting provider (like MCProhosting, Nodecraft and ShockByte). After many back and forth discussions with customers we decided it is important to off you a comparable service so you can make a more informed decision when choosing your hosting provider.

Whether you're creating your new Minecraft, Factorio or CS:GO server through our Website or our Web App, you will see these two choices for billing, you get to pick your billing model! We are not only more flexible than any other game hosting company on the market, but our pricing is now comparable to theirs, it's just another way we're helping you get the best game hosting experience.

It has been a crazy month and we are only speeding up. The whole team is dedicated to creating the best game hosting experience in the world and our endless quest to innovate and outperform is only just beginning. We have a literal arms-length list of ideas and features we're going to be building over the next few months; we can't wait to show you some of our cool new features!

I'd like to also thank all the users who are continuing to join our platform every day - our platform simply wouldn't exist if it wasn't for you.

Happy gaming!

Jonathan. (Co-Founder)

PS. We are still actively hiring for multiple positions including technical and marketing. Please do get in touch with us if you are interested in joining our team.