This week I'll be taking a look at the food overhaul mod Pam's HarvestCraft.


The mod overhauls the food system, changing the saturation of most basic foods such as meat, bread or fish to only a few hunger points. Focusing more on adding a wide variety of simple and complex recipes, the more complex the recipe the better the hunger saturation. Everything from toast to gourmet pizza's is possible, you can even create and name your own food.

HarvestCraft adds hundreds of tasty foods to discover and create, as well as dozens of new crops to find and grow. You can also combine this mod with Serene Seasons, giving you a further level of realism by restricting what seasons your food can grow in. As well as adding a greenhouse mechanic.


The mod was first released in mid-2011, early on in the development of the Minecraft mod community. In 2014 the mod released it's first big update, with reworked graphics and lots of new recipes and foods to enjoy.

Pam's HarvestCraft 2, a remake of the original mod - was released in 2020. The new version supports 1.14+ versions and higher, and continues to receive updates and support to this day.


HarvestCraft changes much of the base game mechanics of food. Bread can no longer be made by crafting wheat together, and more food is now edible - even items like raw wheat or seeds. You won't find it easy to fill your hunger this way though.

Basic ingredients such as lettuce, tomatoes and onions can be found from garden shrubs - which spawn naturally throughout the world. These gardens look like small patches of grass, and different gardens will give you different seeds depending on the biome. You can always craft basic ingredients into their seed, allowing you to farm new ingredients you discover.

Don't forget to use the grinder to turn your raw meat into many smaller portions, allowing you to assemble many burgers from the same pork chop. You'll need to craft yourself pots, pans and baking trays to equip your kitchen to make more complex foods.

Stocked kitchen with storage drawers


The mod adds 50+ new trees to discover, from Apple trees to Banana trees. Improving the fruit mechanic from the base game, as fruits, nuts and other items grow on the leaves. You can harvest them like crops by simply right clicking.

In addition, you can also find wild berries from shrubs and small plants. We highly recommend combining this mod with Biomes 'O Plenty.

An apple, banana and lemon tree (left to right)

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Happy gaming!

Team ServerFlex