Factorio.zone vs ServerFlex.io - Compare Factorio Server Hosting.

In this article we will be comparing Factorio.zone to ServerFlex.io. Both websites offer market leading Factorio Server Hosting services, so we decided compare them directly to see which platform offers the superior service.

We will be comparing five main categories we think are important in deciding your hosting provider. These are: service availability, mod support, backups, IP addresses/ports and scalability.

Let's dive in!

Service Availability

Both services offer great availability with both sites running countless servers. However, Factorio Zone is a free service and therefore has fairly limited capacity during peak times. ServerFlex is a paid service and serves thousands of customers around the world with a huge network of data centres.

ServerFlex also offers a 100% uptime SLA to users whereas Factorio Zone has no uptime guarantee.


ServerFlex clearly wins in this category as Factorio Zone has no backup support - if there is any data loss or corruption on your Factorio Zone server, there is no way back.

Backups a included with all Factorio Servers with ServerFlex. Read more here: https://serverflex.io/help/article/server-backups

Mod Support

ServerFlex takes the lead in this category. The 1-Click mod installer is light-years ahead of the option supported by Factorio Zone.

ServerFlex offers an intuitive installation process of any supported mod on mods.factorio.com. Factorio Zone on the other hand requires manual uploading of mods, this is not ideal if you have a large number of mods installed.

IP Addresses, Ports and Subdomains

Factorio Zone does not offer dedicated IP addresses for their servers, all servers are assigned a random port on the main IP address for each region. Factorio does not currently support SRV records meaning you cannot use a subdomain without also giving out the port for your server. This is not ideal for communities or professional gamers.

ServerFlex offers both dedicated and non-dedicated IP addresses for your server, you can choose to include an IP address on your server as you are deploying it.


Factorio servers grow quickly, and so do server demands. Factorio Zone is static service, it is not able to scale to meet larger demands - it is a one size fits all solution.

ServerFlex on the other hand offers a range of plans at different price points and you are able to instantly scale between plans to meet demands.

There we have it, a quick comparison guide between Factorio Zone and ServerFlex.io - we hope you found this article helpful.



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