Ark: Survival Evolved is close to being added.

We are days away from releasing Ark: Survival Evolved servers on the ServerFlex platform. We're just finalising the implementation and deploying it to all of the data centres around the world, but we expected Ark to be available from early August!

Hourly game servers will be available again.

Some of the more eagle-eyed may have noticed that our main unique selling point - hourly hosting - had been removed from the website. This was simple down to lack of development time to add it into our new checkout flow. We're happy to announce that the hourly server option is returning to the site and will be available again shortly.

Early support for Minecraft one-click plugin installation

We've been working on plugins and mod support for the past month - and we're getting close to rolling out our Minecraft one-click plugin installation to our control panel. As we don't use any off-the-shelf software we have had to build out this system ourselves which is why it has taken so long to get a base version of this system up - however we're happy to say we expect this to be available to all Minecraft servers by the end of August!

Early support for Factorio one-click mod installation

In addition to Minecraft we're also releasing one-click mod installation for Factorio! Our team play a lot of Factorio so it makes sense this would be the second game in the list to get mod support. We're developing a system to allow you to pull mods directly from and have them auto installed with just a single click. We are not quite ready to show this system off yet, however we also expect this to be available by the end of August.

Our Discord Community continues to grow!

We're close to hitting our next milestone for Discord, so if you have not already joined, we would highly recommend joining our community Discord server, this way you'll keep up-to-date with all the changes we have in store!

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