Hi everyone - March has been a very hectic month for us all here at ServerFlex - we've been continuing our campaign of rapid expansion and have even launched a new series of hardware for our UK based servers! Let's dive into this months version of "What's new at ServerFlex?".

New Hardware

Throughout March we've been busy working on our latest node design, featuring the latest 5000 series Ryzen processors, high frequency DDR4 RAM and super-fast NVMe SSDs. This new design is now available in the UK and we'll slowly be expanding the design across our entire range of regions, removing and recycling old hardware as needed. We guarantee dedicated RAM, CPU and storage space with all plans. Each server is given dedicated IO bandwidth, burstable up to 20Gbps read/write.

We have found that over provisioning our hardware delivers the best experience to our customers. Game server hosts often make the mistake of building their hardware purely for the average usage, which doesn't account for peak consumption. In our hardware, we over provision compute as well as RAM for all our servers, you get more than what you pay for. For storage, we provide a dedicated set of space for each customer backed by NVMe solid state drives. We never tier our storage onto slower hardware, nor do we offer deceptive "unlimited" storage space.

The specifications for our new box:

  • Ryzen 5800X
  • DDR4 ECC at 3200MHz
  • NVMe SSD (RAID 1)
  • HDD at 7200RPM for backups (RAID 1)

Escaping Development Hell

One of our key focuses this month has been to improve the development side of the business. We've instituted full CI/CD practices across all of our projects, which had been building up quite considerably. Good code coverage and automated deployments are often underrated in smaller scale projects, but we're confident that these changes will increase our reliability and allow us to guarantee an excellent quality of service as we continue to scale. With our team spending less time on maintenance and more time on new features you can be sure new features will be arriving through April!

Two-factor Authentication

One of our primary focuses is security, the community all too well remembers MCProHosting's history of security breaches. From the Console and Discord leaks, to the most recent complete takedown of the service that resulted in downtime for tens of thousands of customers. We do our best to institute strict security policies for all our internal tools, regularly employing third parties to try and attack our efforts.

Throughout our products we make full use of PKI authentication, PoLP on our game nodes, sandboxing and more. On the back of this, it did come as a surprise to our customers that we didn't support 2FA. This blind spot has now been resolved, and we fully support 2FA methods on ServerFlex with all authentication providers. We highly recommend you enable this feature on your account if you haven't already.

As always, happy gaming - we have lots of new features in the works and can't wait to show you over the coming months!

The ServerFlex Team