Things are really starting to pick up the pace now. ServerFlex may not have launched in April like we initially intended and admittedly, there have been (several) delays since then however, that’s all about to change...

BattleCrate is now available for public beta testing!

We’ve been running private alpha testing over the last few weeks and the feedback has been tremendous. Thanks to the rigorous testing and nothing-held-back style comments on the platform as it stood a few weeks ago, we now feel confident enough to start handing it out publicly. That means that you, your friends, family, neighbours, work mates... Anyone can sign up to ServerFlex and activate their free trial. Yes, you heard that right – not only are we already the cheapest game server hosting platform out there, we’re giving you the opportunity to experience why we’re also the best, for free!

So, what happens next? Development on the platform is not slowing down, if anything it’s picking up. For the next few weeks while we gather even more feedback, we’ll be ironing out bugs, improving user experience and working on new features and game support. Keep an eye out for Garry’s Mod and RUST trials appearing in your account soon!

To get started, head over to our Web App and sign in with Google, Steam or create an account from scratch. Once logged in, head over to the Crates section in the dashboard to deploy your first server. From registration to gaming, you’ll be up and running in under a minute!

To provide feedback, please get in touch with us directly. We’re extremely proud of the platform we’ve built, and we’re sure you will be too.

Happy gaming!

Team ServerFlex.