Let me just say a quick thank-you to all of our users who have joined ServerFlex in the past year - it is you who have helped grow ServerFlex to the scale we have reached today and it is your continuous feedback that helps us create the best game server hosting.

Auto Updates

This month we have been working on automatic updates for your servers. This is a core feature we have envisioned in the ServerFlex platform from the beginning, but it is a technically complex feature to create. We are pleased to announce support for Steam game updates are now available and all other game updates will become available over the next month.

The choice is yours - would you like automatic updates on your server, or would you like a friendly popup whenever a new update is released for your server? Our platform allows you to choose

Plugin Installations

Keen readers might note that Minecraft and Factorio plugin installations have been on the horizon for quite a while - this feature is still in development however it is getting closer every day. We are aiming to release this feature by the end of October for Factorio and mid November for Minecraft.

Server Backups

After a bit of a bumpy start with backups we're pleased to announce they have been rolled out to the ServerFlex Control Panel for all users - check them out in your server panel!

Scaling to Meet Demand

We saw higher than expected growth in September and as such we have increased our capacity in US East - these new servers are expected to be in stock from the 10th October.