Slot based plans have landed.

Slot based plans have landed.

We're thrilled to announce that some of the games on the ServerFlex platform are now based on the number of slots you will have available on the server.

What are the advantages of moving over to this approach?

From a player side of things, there are a couple main advantages from moving to slot based plans. The primary one being that you no longer need to determine the resources for your server yourself, we take all of that responsbility. The second is that your server is guaranteed to work; if you purchase a server for 10 players, we guarantee it works for 10 players.

Which games are effected by this change?

Valheim and Satisfactory are the only games that have been moved over to this billing model.

What will these changes mean for my existing server?

If you have an existing server for either of these games then your server will be unaffected, this change only applies to new servers.

Can I move my existing server over to one of these new plans?

Yes, if you would like to move from resource based to slot based, all you need to do is open a support ticket and our team can migrate your server and billing across.



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