The Best MCProHosting Alternative.

The Best MCProHosting Alternative.

So, you're looking to host your own Minecraft Server? You first head over to Google and see literally thousands of generic Minecraft Server Hosting companies all reselling the same technology. You're probably overwhelmed and not too thrilled to pick any of them.

MCProHosting have to be one of the most notable companies in the market, but their product and service is far from industry leading. They have been around for a long time, but their product has stagnated and much like Toys R Us - they never kept up with the market.

Introducing ServerFlex- we're a new awesome platform to host all your favourite games. We bring industry leading hardware and combine it with our bespoke software including our intuitive Web and Mobile Apps to create a world leading game hosting service. It is clear to see why ServerFlex is becoming the market leader in Minecraft, Factorio and CS:GO hosting! Want to know more about how we compare? Read on!

MCProHosting vs ServerFlex

This is a bit like comparing a Fiat to a Ferrari - sure they're both Italian but which would you rather own?

We're a purpose built game platform, designed and ran by our in-house team - this is the reason why our feature set will not seem familiar if you have used other hosting providers. While all the other companies are limited to almost identical functionality, we are not. Hosting with ServerFlex is more akin to buying an iPhone vs a knockoff Chinese phone. We are 100% sure that as soon as you try hosting with ServerFlex you will never want to return to MCProHosting!

Pricing - this is definitely a stickler for most people. Unlike what you would expect with such a premium product, we are actually cheaper than MCProHosting - no, seriously. With ServerFlex you have a two distinct pricing models. We offer unrivalled flexibility for our game servers and we do this by providing you, the customer, with two distinct billing models and let you decide which suits you best! Pay hourly gives you the flexibility to play a few hours of your favourite games and not rent the server for an entire month - MCProHosting simply do not offer anything close to this, simply put:  we can save you 99% on your Minecraft, Factorio or CS:GO Hosting costs. However, for the more traditional gamers out there you can also purchase our servers monthly the same way you could with MCProHosting.  

Still not sold? Ok, let's quick fire some reasons why you should choose ServerFlex.

Uptime with MCProHosting is a joke. If you are an existing customer of theirs you will know this - you deserve better than 48 hour outages! We offer our customers a 100% uptime guarantee - in the very unlikely event we go down, even for a minute, you can easily claim significant amounts of credit back through your account settings.

MCProHosting lie to you. Don't believe us? Take a look at their website, terms like "Unlimited Storage" and "Unlimited RAM" simply can't be true. They're marketing gimmicks to catch customers. We don't BS you - we provide you real servers, with real dedicated resources that only you game has access to.

Innovation is not home at MCProHosting. Their platform is very standard for the industry, that is because they use the same off-the-shelf tech as all the other providers in the market. You will only see amazing next-level features like our Developer API, Simple FTP and auto-scaling on the ServerFlex platform.

I hope you're ready to make the switch and take the stress out of hosting your Minecraft, Factorio and CS:GO servers. We are truly the world leader game hosting provider and I'm sure from the comparison, you will agree. Our team are always on hand to help you through anything, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Happy gaming!

Team ServerFlex.



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