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ServerFlex (formerly BattleCrate) was founded by Alan Doherty, Lewis Bennett and Jonathan Madeley in late 2019, ServerFlex is rapidly becoming a market leader in game hosting for a global audience.

Who are we?

We're a team of programmers and gamers who think game hosting is due a revamp. Based out of our office in the North West of England we are building the next-generation of game hosting for users around the world. We have a passion for gaming and understand the struggles that gamers go through on a daily basis.

Our vision.

Not only are we building a better version of game hosting, we're also building a more flexible and cost-effective solution. The entire ServerFlex platform is built from the ground up to provide the flexibility you need.

Our values.

Almost all hosting providers on the market are copy-paste versions of each other, they don't innovate, instead they use dated software (namely Multicraft, TCAdmin and WHMCS) and provide an outdated, identical feature set - you will never see this with ServerFlex. We have assembled a team of developers whose experience is measured in decades, to build a better, faster and more reliable game hosting experience.

Our Mission Statement

"Empowering gamers, communities and developers with the tools they need to build, host and scale their favourite games.