Data Retention Policy

Data loss in one of the worst case scenarios for server operators. That's why we have an easy to understand, transparent data retention policy covering how we manage your files to prevent such a case.

When is my server data stored?

When you delete a server*, all** of the server's files are backed up and archived with our off-site storage provider. We keep this archive for 28 days.

* Not applicable to trial servers.
** Extremely or unusually large files, that could potentially contain malicious or illegal content, are not included in the archive, and are deleted forever upon deletion of the server.

How can I get a copy of my server files?

If your server has been deleted, please contact our support team either via Discord, or create a ticket within your ServerFlex account. A member of our team will provide you with instructions for how and where to download your files.

Is my data held securely?

Yes. We understand that your server may contain sensitive data (for example: within chat logs or world files), so we go to great lengths to ensure that all files remain private. This is why server archives are held securely with our off-site storage provider.

Can I request deletion?

Yes. The systems described in this policy are automatic, though you can request advance deletion of your server's archive by getting in touch with our support team via Discord, or by creating a ticket within your ServerFlex account.