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Our Refund Policy


We pride ourselves on providing the best game hosting experience on the market. We understand that you don’t want to spend your hard earned money on services that you are not completely satisfied with. The following document describes the framework for refunds on the BattleCrate platform. Please read this document carefully before making any purchase.


BattleCrate’s billing system operates on credit loaded into your account through any of our accepted billing methods. Any completely unused credit (unused credit being defined as the whole amount loaded in, without any deductions being made) loaded into your account is eligible for a refund for the first 7 days.. After 7 days you may still be able to withdraw money from your account - to read more about this please review our Terms of Service document.

Money Back Guarantee

BattleCrate offers a free trial of some products and services - we highly recommend you use this trial before loading credit into your account.

If you do load credit into your account and use our services, but are not 100% satisfied with the quality of service you can start a request for your money back, this window is strictly 24 hours. This money back guarantee does not apply to any plans that cost more than £10.00 per month.This money back guarantee is run at the complete discretion of the BattleCrate team, if we believe the request is malicious or fraudulent we will not honor your request.


When you make a payment online there are fees associated with that purchase. BattleCrate will try to recover these fees from our payment provider (Stripe & PayPal) - if we are unable to recover the fees from our payment partners we will deduct these costs from your refund. Money Back Guarantee refunds are excluded from this policy - if you are not satisfied with your services we will cover the fees.

Eligible Services

All products are currently supported by this policy.

Eligible Payment Methods

This refund policy will exclusively relate to purchases made through Credit/Debit Cards and PayPal. We are unable to provide this policy to payments made through other methods such as Bitcoin for legal reasons.