Terms of Service


Welcome to our website! The following is a document that outlines an agreement that exists between you and ServerFlex. Please read the following Terms of Service document carefully before using our services. The following applies to all users, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

ServerFlex reserves the right, at any time, to amend or modify this document without prior notice to you. We will take all reasonable actions to notify you of the changes to the document. Any changes to this document shall become effective immediately when posted to our website.


The term "ServerFlex" (including derived terms such as "Server Flex"), "us", or "we" refers to the owner of the website whose domain is The term ‘you’ refers to the user, subscriber or visitor of our website. The terms "service(s)" shall be defined as any product, software or other saleable resource ServerFlex provides either for free or paid.

1. Registration & Eligibility

To use the services of ServerFlex, you must be over the age of 13, if you are under the age of 13 you must not use our services. Additionally, ServerFlex may, at its sole discretion, refuse services on any grounds to any customer without warranted reason.

By signing up for our services you agree to be bound and governed by this Terms of Service document. Your information will be securely held in our database so long as your account exists (and up to thirty days after you have requested deletion). Your hereby declare all information provided is accurate and up-to-date.

2. Billing & Payments

Definition of Billing Terms

“Active Services” shall be defined as any product or service that is owned by your account and is not deleted. Please take note that your servers and other products are still considered “Active Services” even when they are in the ‘stopped’ state; if the product is visible in your account then it is considered to be active. “Rolling Month” shall be defined as the period exactly one calendar month from the start date - for example 14th March to the 14th April. “Calendar Month” shall be defined as the time between the first day and the last day of any month on the calendar. “Billing Period” shall be defined as one calendar month.

Payment Options

We offer two distinct payment options for ServerFlex services - pay hourly and pay monthly. Pay hourly allows you flexibility to run and stop services at any time and only pay for the times that server was active on your account. Pay monthly, on the opposite side allows you to purchase services for an entire month (for example from the 14th March to the 14th April).

To help you make a better decision about which billing type is right for you, we will briefly explain how each method of billing works: * Pay hourly works on charging your account a small amount each hour your service is running, and then stops charging you when you delete that service. All pay hourly plans have monthly caps so if you leave the service running you will always know the maximum you will be paying each Calendar Month. Monthly caps for hourly plans are calculated on Calendar Months, not Rolling Months, this is an important distinction. * Pay monthly is simpler than pay hourly - you commit to a Rolling Month worth of services, for example if you purchase a monthly service on the 3rd June, your account will be charged a single fee on the 3rd June and no more charges will be made against your account for that service until your Renewal Date. This renewal date will be exactly one month after (if possible, otherwise to the closest available date), 3rd July for the given example, at which time your account will once again be charged for your service if your service is scheduled for renewal. (By default monthly services are set to renew).

There are unique and separate timelines for what happens to your services in the event that your account runs out of credit and/or you choose not to renew your services. - Pay hourly services will follow the following timeline: - Service expires - this could be that you have decided not to renew your service and/or your account has run out of credit. This service will be paused and a notification email will be sent. - First warning - this will occur twelve (12) hours after the service was paused. - Second warning - this will occur twenty-four (24) hours after the service was paused. - Deletion - this will occur thirty-six (36) hours after the service was paused. At this time all data will be irrecoverable. - Pay monthly services will follow the following timeline: - Service expires - this could mean that you have chosen not to renew your service and/or your account does not have suitable funds and/or your account payment method failed when charged. Your service will be paused and a notification email will be sent. - First warning - this will occur twenty-four (24) hours after the service was paused. - Second warning - this will occur forty-eight (48) hours after the service was paused. - Deletion - this will occur seventy-two (72) hours after the service was paused. At this time all data will be irrecoverable.

We reserve the right to cancel, suspend or delete any services that are not fully paid for within our strict payment terms - additionally we hold no liability for any data loss that may be incurred through failure to pay for all bills. IP addresses and sub domains may change if your services are paused.

We reserve the right to charge any payment methods on your account if your account is negative - this may be without notice.

From time to time we may make errors and not charge your payment method for services on your account - these situations are rare, but we reserve the right to charge your payment method(s) after the fact for the time your account ran services.

Our services are provided through loading credit into your account using payment methods such as Debit Card, Credit Card, PayPal or Bitcoin. Payments which are loaded into your account are usually non-refundable (outside the policy setout in our Refunds Policy). From time to time, at the complete discretion of ServerFlex. users may be permitted to withdraw unused credit from your account. This will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. The minimum allowed to withdraw credit from your account shall be 10.00 (GBP, USD, EUR), of credit accrued through an accepted form (see exclusions below). If you would like to start a request to withdraw credit from your account, please contact our support team. Credit which has been granted to your account, or promotional credit shall be excluded. Credit which has been earnt through referrals shall be granted this privilege.


Charge backs are an issue for any online business - ServerFlex operates a strict policy on chargebacks: your account will be debited the amount charged in addition to any fees we have incurred. An administration fee of £10 will also be deducted from your account. Instead of performing a chargeback please contact our team, this will be beneficial to both parties.

Auto Renewals

Services provided by ServerFlex may come set to renew by default - this is to avoid any issues in your gaming experience. You hereby acknowledge that it is your responsiblity to check your services when they are deployed, and ensure you are happy with this setting.

Trial Servers

We offer all customers free trials for every game on the ServerFlex platform. We do this to ensure you are happy with the quality of service we provide before parting with your money. Trial servers that are left in the Auto Renew state will attempt to automatically upgrade to paid servers on expiry. This will only happen if you have a payment method attached to your account. Please ensure you disable Auto Renew on your trial server if you do not want your server to automatically convert on trial expiry.

3. Limitation of Liability

ServerFlex's liability for all our clients will not exceed that which has been paid by the Client to ServerFlex within the current billing period. The company will not be held responsible for any costs or loss of revenue outside of our control.

4. Confidentiality

The information you provide through our services will not be shared with any companies or entities outside of the ServerFlex group - it will be held solely for the use of ServerFlex, partners and their staff. Your confidentiality is our utmost concern, and we take all necessary steps to maintaining your privacy while using our services.

In some circumstances, ServerFlex may be required by law to disclose user information - ServerFlex makes a pledge to our users to only disclose information, to any external party when legally required to do so.

5. Publications & Marketing

ServerFlex, from time to time, may use data about your account for marketing, funding and other business related tasks. Any information used for these purposes will be completely anonymous before it leaves our control.

Additionally you may receive a request from a member of our team to use your company name, service name or brand as part of these materials, consent will be presumed unless a representative for your account contacts us to state otherwise.

An eye for details - if you’re reading this, have technical experience, and are looking for your next career move we would love to hear from you! We are looking for individuals who are looking to go the extra mile in everything they do - if this describes you, get in touch!

6. Termination

As a matter of last resort, ServerFlex retains the right to permanently suspend services for any user for breach of this Terms of Service agreement. The decision to terminate accounts will be made solely by a senior member of the ServerFlex team. Once an account has been terminated, it is not reversible. All services will be permanently deleted and all game, database and other user files will be removed from our systems.

ServerFlex will retain records of transactions, sales, user activity and basic contact details for an indefinite period of time.

7. Closing your Account

As a user of ServerFlex you have the choice, at any time, to rescind your consent to this agreement, this will be in the form of closing your account with us. If you wish to withdraw consent for this agreement, please contact our support staff who will walk you through the process.

ServerFlex will retain basic information about your account for an indefinite amount of time after your account is closed, this is for legal and billing purposes.

8. The Law

ServerFlex is a registered company in the UK. This contract will be enforced through the British Legal System exclusively. All relevant consumer rights will not be infringed by this agreement and ServerFlex agrees to follow all relevant British Laws whilst providing you services, regardless of your host country.


If you have any questions about any part of this agreement, please contact us at [email protected]