We support every version of the Factorio server software. In addition we support both Stable and Experimental Factorio servers. During the server deployment process you will be asked to choose a Factorio branch, this is used to determine when your server will be updated as new versions become available. The Experimental branch receives updates sooner than Stable.

Once your Factorio world is used on a version, it is not possible to downgrade to a previous version. Please keep this in mind before you change server version.

Using the ServerFlex Control Panel you are able to choose a specific version of Factorio, or change branch, with just a few simple clicks.

First, find your Factorio server and click the Settings tab. One the settings menu click Version - you should see a screen like this:

Using these settings you can change the branch of Factorio your server will follow, and even change the version. Fewer versions may be available on Stable, so please ensure the current server version is available on Stable before swapping from Experimental.

As you swap branch, the version field will be changed to the latest version, so please ensure you know the current version before changing branch.