Server admins often need the ability to restart / shutdown their game servers at a specific time each day. For example, Minecraft servers often need to be restarted once per day due to the JVM poorly cleaning up unused memory.

To accomplish this you can use the Task system build directly into our Control Panel. Tasks are automated jobs you can setup with a few clicks.

These tasks can be triggered a specific time on a schedule, so they can help us stop / restart the server.

Create a task.

Let's start by heading over to your server on ServerFlex. Navigate to the overview page of your server, and on the server navigation bar there will be an item named Tasks. Click into this page and you will see a page like this;

Click the button labelled New Task on the right of the screen.

From this popup click Time Schedule and on the next page you can select the:

  • Time to run the task
  • Which days to repeat the task on
  • The timezone the execution time should be based on.

Next it's time to decide if we would like the server to restart or stop. From the dropdown choose your action and then click next.

If you would like to give users a warning before the server shuts down, then you can add multiple actions in sequence like this:

Finally confirm the details of your server and click Create Task.