Argument Description
-batchmode Starts the server in batch mode, without a graphical user interface.
-nographics Starts the server without a graphical user interface.
-server Specifies that the process should run as a server.
+server.hostname "Your Server Name" Sets the server's hostname, displayed in the server list.
+server.identity "YourServerIdentity" Sets the identity for the server.
+server.port 28015 Specifies the port the server will listen on for incoming connections.
+server.seed "YourSeedValue" Sets the seed for procedural map generation.
+server.worldsize 4000 Specifies the size of the game world.
+server.maxplayers 50 Sets the maximum number of players allowed on the server.
+server.description "Your Server Description" Provides a description for the server
+server.url "" Sets the URL for more information about the server.
+server.headerimage "URLToHeaderImage" Sets a header image for the server details.
+server.level "Procedural Map" Sets the map type for the server.
+rcon.port 28016 and +rcon.password "YourRconPassword" Enables remote console access to the server using the specified port and password. 1 Enables VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) protection on the server.