3 Best Base Designs for Rust

3 Best Base Designs for Rust

Defence is the single most important part about your base in Rust, so below we're highlighted three examples you can use when designing your new base.

The Saber - Designed for Trios/Quads

The Saber base design in Rust.

The Saber is a trio or quad base designed for online raid defence. The base is built for player mobility and plenty of spawn points. This base features a shooting floor to look down over attackers. Additionally, it also has a helipad, a starter unit, a small footprint, and a built-in oil refinery. External turret pods can also be built for added protection, and the loot rooms and main bedroom are located high up for maximum security.

What makes the Saber special is its built-in oil refinery, which can speed up your wipe greatly. You can make low grade fuel in your own base, and supply your whole squad with medical syringes. Its external auto turrets can decimate intruders at the press of a button, while keeping the turrets safe when not in use. Plus, the extra mobility of this base is great. Triangle floors are used instead of square ones, giving you the same storage space with more mobility.

Learn how to build The Saber here:

The Fring - Designed for Solo/Duo

The Fring base design for Rust.

The Fring is a base design intended for solo or duo playstyles. It takes advantage of smart building techniques like hidden, unlootable lockers, segmented shooting floors, and freehand foundations which require the player to place platforms that do not attach to the main foundations. This technique may require some practice, so it is suggested to practice on a build server first. The freehand foundations enable the player to create a unique shooting floor with wide views.

This base does not include a compound or external TCs but it is still secure even when online. The starter base is a modified 2x1 with triangles on one side, allowing an extra loot room. The roof of the base is open with no security buildings or SAM sites, so it is up to the player to find a suitable spot for them when needed. Up to 4 windmills may be used to power all electrical needs, and two bunkered vending machines are featured on the roof.

Learn how to build The Fring here:

The Juke - Hardest to raid

The Juke base design in Rust.

It has been noted that offline raids are more common than online. This can be discouraging for those who put in a lot of effort to build up their base, just to lose it overnight to a group of kids who seem to never sleep. The Juke Base provides a secure offline defense, while still offering the necessary advantages for an online raid. It only takes 48 rockets to raid the main TC!

Upon entering the base, a shuttle acting as an elevator is there to welcome you and provide a swift journey to any floor of your base. This is an excellent feature, as it is much easier than having to use ladders. The roof has room for four windmills and two SAM sites, and there is 360-degree protection with hidden shotgun traps. To add to this, two bunkered vending machines can be added to increase the difficulty for any raiders.

Learn how to build The Juke here:

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