Get Started Playing Rust in 2023.

Get Started Playing Rust in 2023.

Rust is unique among multiplayer survival games because it allows players to battle and eliminate each other for resources in a post-apocalyptic world. This adds an intense element to the game as players must face real human opponents to survive.

If you are looking to play with your friends in a private world then you will need your own private server. Skip to the end of this article to find details of how to get setup and in-game in under two minutes. 👇

What should I prioritize in Rust?

As high-level Rust players understand, it's inevitable that your base will get raided, so there's no point worrying too much about expanding. Instead, focus on having sleeping bags placed around the map, and stashes of weapons beside them. Being in the right place at the right time is important, and even someone with a bow can surprise you.

Don't forget to form relationships and talk to players, as they may just save your life - or you could take theirs. Ultimately, the game priorities in Rust are all about preparedness, communication and being in the right place at the right time.

You need to build a base in Rust. What are the best base designs?

A base is where you store your resources. The design is critical. We have a few ideas on how you should design it, depending on your situation. Check out our 3 Best Base Designs for Rust article.

Safe Zones

As it says in the name, Safe Zones are areas around the map where you should be safe. PvP is disabled (or discouraged... with turrets...) in these areas. The two areas you should know are the Bandit Output and the Scientist Compound.

These locations are an ideal starting point when beginning the game, as they provide many useful services (as well as security). It's also quite simple to trade in scrap for weapons, granting you a head start. However, make sure to follow the rules of these places: no weapons, no killing, no looting, and no logging off in the compound for more than 10 minutes or the turrets will activate.

Want to live on the edge? Try Hardcore Gamemode

If you want to really challenge yourself then try hardcore mode.

For those new to Rust, it is recommended to avoid the recently released Hardcore Gamemode servers as they have removed several features that are typically found in a more traditional Rust experience.

These features include the compass, crawling when wounded, global chat, team system, map, MLRS, safe zones, and blueprints wiped monthly. This Rust beginner's guide will provide you with all of the knowledge necessary to have a great experience playing Rust.

Guns are incredibly useful in Rust.

How do I get guns in Rust?

A firearm can be obtained in Rust by killing another player. However, in order to do that, the attacker will likely need a gun as well.

To get your hands on one early, you can search the monuments around the map and you are likely to find a handgun or shotgun. If you are able to surprise your target, you can craft an Eoka pistol which can deal substantial damage in close range.

How do I host my own Rust world for my friends.

If you are looking to play privately with your friends then you will need your own Rust Server Hosting. There are lots of ways to host your server, but the easiest is to use a hosting provider, like ServerFlex.

Our team are also on-hand in Discord ( and are here to help you get started.

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