Ever wondered why the feature sets of most game hosting companies are identical? It’s because they use the same software. Same software, same features, same bugs, same niggles... You get the picture. This is yet another advantage of the ServerFlex platform.

We’ve made it easier than ever to access your game servers’ files via an FTP client (such as FileZilla). Introducing Hyperloop; simple, secure file transfers.

BattleCrate hosts a Hyperloop server which you’d connect to using ftp://file.serverflex.io. Simple enter your ServerFlex username and password and you’re in! No IP addresses, random usernames or passwords here. All your files are accessible in one, easy to navigate directory. Cool right?

What about security?

Hyperloop uses FTPS which incorporates TLS, so your username and password is always protected and secure.

What about upload and download speeds?

Our in-house development team has spent months perfecting Hyperloop so you can achieve near data centre transfer speeds.

What if I signed up using Google or Steam?

If you signed up with Google or Steam then, by default, your account won’t have a password linked. Simple head over to the ServerFlex console to set a password for your account. You can still use Google or Steam to log in but now you have a password that can be used with Hyperloop.

Hyperloop is the brainchild of ServerFlex Co-Founder, Alan Doherty, and we’re all extremely excited to take this solution to market. As with anything, if you have any feedback it’s always greatly appreciated. Just get in touch to let us know how we can make your gaming experience even better.

Happy gaming!

Team ServerFlex