When it comes to playing Factorio, mods make a huge difference to the game play. They can add extra features, change game dynamics and even change the objectives in the game. But, alas, those who are familiar with mods will also be familiar with the tedious and time consuming process of installing all of the dependencies for each mod.

Fortunately, there is a way to simplify and speed up the process: our Factorio Mod Manager built into the ServerFlex Control Panel.

Installing mods with one click through our control panel has been available for a long time, but we're excited to announce our new feature: Automatic dependency installation. This is a great way to save time and hassle, by allowing you to select a mod, receive a breakdown of the required mods, and install them all in one-click.

Here is a quick video showing an example of how this works:

Space Exploration being installed with dependencies.

This feature has been completely rolled out across all regions and is  available on all Factorio servers running the latest ServerFlex software.

Let our team know what you think! Did you find this useful? Do you think we could improve part of our mod installation process?

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