Installing Mods on your Factorio Server - Made easy.

Installing Mods on your Factorio Server - Made easy.

Factorio server's are notorious for modding. The game developers openly encourage you to create mods for the game and even provide APIs that allow you to interact with the game out of the box. Unlike other games, you don't need to install BepinEx or another mod loader to work with your Factorio server.

How do Factorio mods work?

Factorio has an official mod portal ( where you can download mods from the community and even upload your own. These mods come in the form of ZIP archives usually containing a single file. This file will contain the code to add the desired functionality to your server.

After selecting your mod you can download the archive to your machine and then take this ZIP folder and upload it onto your server (inside the 'mods' folder). Ensure you have the correct version for your Factorio version and make sure it is compatible with other mods.

We thought this process could be simplified, and that is why we're excited to release the first version of our integrated Factorio Mod Manager directly into our control panel!

How do I install mods with ServerFlex?

With ServerFlex, installing mods on your Factorio server is easy. We handle everything for you, and it's all in a few simple clicks.

The first let's navigate to a Factorio server on the ServrFlex Control Panel. We offer a  free trial if you want to test out this feature for yourself - create a Factorio server using ServerFlex. When you are in the server overview page, head over to the Mods tab and you will see a full list of available mods.

Available mods for your Factorio server.

This list is pulled directly from the Factorio Mods website and is ordered by popularity (most downloaded first).  The list is updated roughly every half an hour with new mods and versions. We can now try installing a mod on the server. You can either click the Install Latest button on a mod or your can View Details to see other information such as the full release history, images and links to the developer's website.

View mod descriptions, images and versions.

The version now available is the v1 of this new mod manager, we intend to rapidly improve the functionality to include dependency installation, version mismatch warnings and compatibility checks.

Auth Tokens & Passwords

When downloading mods from the Factorio Mod Portal we need to be able to login to your account on your behalf. We do this by requesting an access token for your account which will be securely stored on your server. To request a token for your account we need your username and password; the password is never stored on the system - it is immediately exchanged for an access token and discarded.

If you would rather not type in your account password you can upload an access token yourself in the server settings. (Settings -> Authentication -> Auth Token).

Does this feature work with my existing server?

Yes! Your Factorio servers will receive this update automatically when you next restart the server.



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