How do I change the view distance on a Minecraft server?

In order to prevent too many chunks being loaded, Minecraft restricts the default view distance to 10. For many players this is too late, so we allow you to very quickly change the maximum view distance. Please note that clients will still need to change the view distance in their game settings to take advantage.

Increasing the view distance will increase the memory and CPU requirements, for both the server and clients.

Using ServerFlex

  1. Go to your server on our Web App.
  2. Click settings in the servers navigation bar.
  3. Click server on the left menu.
  4. Change the view distance to the desired amount.
  5. Click save and restart your server.
Warning: We do not recommend setting this value any higher than 16, and on some plans you may need to upgrade to handle the higher view distances with large player counts.

Not using ServerFlex

If you are not using ServerFlex you will need to edit your server.properties file. Find the line that contains "view-distance" and set this to your new value.