Thunderstore is a hugely popular mod library for Valheim, and with our 1-click installer you can start playing any mod in seconds. In this article we will cover how you can install Thunderstore mods onto your Valheim server in a matter of seconds.

How to install mods on a Valheim server

Start by heading over to your Valheim server in our Control Panel, and find the tab on your server called Mods. Here you will see a list of all the mods available on for your server. Use the search bar to lookup a specific mod, or browse from the most popular mods.

We support all Thunderstore mods that are compatible with Valheim and we always have the latest version of every mod available. Installing is as simple as clicking Install Latest and waiting a few seconds while we install that mod on your server.

For more details on a mod just click View Details to see a full description and version history of the mod. You can also click the homepage link for that mod to view the full page on Thunderstore.

Automatic Dependency Installation

Mods can require other mods to work. Almost every mod on Thunderstore for Valheim requires BepinEx to run. This presents users with a challenge of finding, installing and maintaining not only their mods, but all of the mods that we required to run those mods.

Our software can also manage your dependencies for you, at the click of a button. When you click to install a mod on our Control Panel we query the mod's requirements and will offer you the choice to also install any dependencies at the same time, in a single click.