Argument Description
name Sets the server name.
port Sets the server port.
world Sets the world name.
password Sets the server password.
public Makes the server public.
worldseed Sets the world seed.
savedir Sets the save directory.
worldsize Sets the world size (small, medium, large, yolo).
difficulty Sets the difficulty (easy, normal, hard).
mode Sets the game mode (coop, pvp).
motd Sets the message of the day.
hostname Sets the server hostname.
worldfile Specifies the world file to load.
config Specifies a configuration file to use.
public 1 Makes the server public.
public 0 Makes the server private.
nographics Runs the server without a graphics window.
autostart Starts the server automatically.
port Specifies the port to use.
worldid Sets the world unique identifier.
autosaveinterval Sets the autosave interval in minutes.
backupinterval Sets the backup interval in minutes.
console Enables the console.
worldpath Sets the path to the world.
worldhost Sets the IP address to bind to.
bannedfile Sets the path to the banned IP file.
adminlist Sets the path to the adminlist file.
logfile Sets the path to the log file.
worldlogfile Sets the path to the world log file.
playerlogfile Sets the path to the player log file.
rconip Sets the RCON IP address.
rconport Sets the RCON port.
rconpassword Sets the RCON password.
rconwebport Sets the RCON web port.
rconwebpassword Sets the RCON web password.