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All plans are guaranteed to work for your selected slots. Protected with our money back guarantee.

Play with up to 40 Players

3 CPU Cores
NVMe SSD's in Raid 1
Unmetered SSD Storage

Network Level DDoS Protection
1Gbps Connection
Unmetered Bandwidth

$9.99 / Month

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1-Click uMod Installer

Get the mods you need without having to worry about installation, dependencies or updates. With just one-click, you are ready to play.

Rust Mod InstallerRust Mood Installer

Included with Every Rust Server.

Discord Support


Join our Community Discord and talk directly to our engineers.

DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection

Our services are protected by network level DDoS protection.


Scale Up or Down

Easily scale your server to meet your player demands. All from our control panel.


24 Hour Easy Refund

Purchase with confidence. We honour all refund requests within 24 hours. No questions asked.

Premium Hardware


We use powerful CPUs with DDR4 ECC RAM and NVME SSDs.

Instant Setup

Instant Setup

No waiting lists, no delays. Your server will be setup in under 30 seconds.


Automated Backups

We've got your back! We automatically create two backups a day of your server.


Full FTPS Access

Upload, download and edit files on your server using FTPS. Read more


Choose a Subdomain

Choose a custom subdomain for your server.

New Feature

Server Tasks

Automate your server management, run schedule jobs and perform automated responses to game events.

Read More about Tasks
Servers Tasks / Automation
Our Servers

High-End Hardware As Standard.

At ServerFlex, we don't have any budget plans. We use the best components available in all of our boxes to guarantee a smooth gaming experience.

AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
NVMe SSD's in Raid 1
1Gb/s Network Uplink

Customer Reviews

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This was so easy...

This was so easy to set up, probably the best web service for hosting mc servers. Took less than a couple mintues to set up. Would highly recommend.

Warren, in United Kingdom
Verified Purchase

Reliable to the extreme.

It's cheap, easy and fast to set up and the customer service is great, so if you are a first timer and can't figure it out, they'll help you out.

Jemina, in Finland
Verified Purchase

Great support

I was having some issues that I couldn't figure out on my own. The support team were quick and helpful to get everything back in order. Very impressed!

Arron, in United States
Verified Purchase

Frequently Asked Questions

Which mods do you support?

All of them. Our 1-Click Rust Mod Installer supports every mod available on the uMod (Oxide) Public Mod Directory. We do not support paid mods currently.

Can I upload my existing world?

Yes. We have a tutorial walking you through how to upload your existing files here: How to upload a Factorio world to your new server.

Can I download my world when my server expires?

Yes, you can simply download your world files to your computer and play either locally or on a different server.

What happens when an update is released?

As updates are released we ingest the new server version and release it on the ServerFlex platform. If you have auto updates enabled on your server you will receive the latest update almost instantly.

Can I choose my own subdomain?

Yes. Choose your own subdomain under any of our Top Level Domains.

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