No marketing BS, no catchy slogans or phrases, just a run down of why ServerFlex offers the Best Factorio Server Hosting in the market. Let's jump in!

1-Click Mod Installer (ServerFlex Exclusive)

Factorio is fun, but adding mods to the server makes it even better. What isn't fun? Downloading, installing and updating all of the mods on your server.

That's why we offer a 1-Click Factorio Mod Installer, and it's built right into the ServerFlex Control Panel.  Our Installer supports every mod listed on and even deals with the other mod dependencies required to install each mod.

Stable and Experimental Servers

Do you dare to live dangerously? If so, we have something for you. Our Factorio hosting support both Stable and Experimental branches. Easily switch between any version and either branches at any time, using the simple settings panel in our Control Panel.

Auto Updates

Servers support auto updates by default. This means when a new version of Factorio is released your server will automatically be updates to run the latest version.

Want finer control over the update process? That's cool with us! Disable auto updates on your server and simply click the "Update" button whenever you would like to move to the newest version.

Play & Pay Hourly (ServerFlex Exclusive)

Are you looking to play for an entire month, or just a few hours when you get the time? Either way we're flexible. We are the only game server hosting platform to offer Hourly Game Hosting for all supported games. Spin up the server, start playing, log off and close down your server after a couple hours - you are only billed for the time your server is active.

Instant Setup

As with all ServerFlex products, servers hosted with ServerFlex are setup in under 30 seconds. Anywhere in the world, any time, new or existing customer, your server will be ready to go before you have even had time to open your Desktop client.

Still not convinced, or have further questions? Join our Community Discord to talk to the team: