Running your own Factorio server has never been this simple - ServerFlex can get you playing with your friends in a matter of seconds!

First head over to our Web App  and log into your account.

If this is the first Factorio server you are deploying then it is FREE for the first hour! ServerFlex charges you per-hour instead of per-month, meaning you will only pay a small fraction of the cost of our competitors to play for a few hours.

Log in and you will see the overview page for your account:

1: First, head over to Crates in the Products section on the left hand side navigation.

2: Next let's click "Deploy New Crate" in the top right corner.

3: Choose Factorio and click the next button, or simply press the enter key!

4: It's time to choose the geographical location to deploy your new server. ServerFlex is always looking to expand to more regions, expect on average a new region each month!

5: Now it is time to select the plan for your new Crate - this will entirely depend on how many players you would like and how large your world is, check out our Help Section for recommendations. Choose your plan and click "Next" at the bottom of the page.

6: It's time to confirm everything, if you would like to change your world preset or enter a seed, scroll to the bottom of the page. When you're happy with your sever settings click "Deploy Crate".

7: In less than ten seconds your Crate will be deployed and is ready to get started! Click to copy the IP address or sub-domain or head to your Crate's overview.

It's that simple - time to launch that rocket!

Happy gaming!

Team ServerFlex.