Pay Hourly Minecraft Servers

Pay Hourly Minecraft Servers

ServerFlex is a world leading Minecraft hosting provider that combines pay hourly billing with awesome Web and Mobile apps to bring you the best Minecraft server hosting on the market.

Why should I choose hourly billing?

When you create a Minecraft server with the countless hosting providers on the market today, are you actually using the server for the entire month or are these companies forcing you into over-purchasing supply? It's most likely the latter - and we don't think that's fair. In reality you are going to play with your friends for a few hours and it will be sat idle most of the time. All the time that you're not using it, that server is costing you money - do you want to stop paying for it?

This is the question we set out to answer when we created ServerFlex - using our platform you can simply spin up a Minecraft Server whenever you want to play, close it down when you're finished, and most importantly only pay for the time it was live! Even better, we cap the maximum amount your server will cost at our monthly price - you'll never pay more if you leave it running.

How do I get started?

It's super easy to get started - follow these simple steps below and you'll be up and running in now time. If you're new to ServerFlex we also offer a completely free, no commitment trial!

  1. Start by going to the ServerFlex New Server Page

2.  Choose a region to host your server. We almost always recommend choosing the region with lowest ping. We're rapidly adding new regions around the globe to keep up with demand - subscribe to our mailing list to hear about new regions!

3. Choose your plan and make sure "Pay Hourly" is selected in the top right corner.

4. Quickly create an account, we recommend Google or Steam if you use either of those platforms.

5. After you have signed up you'll be redirected back to our website. Let's just confirm our settings and which version of Minecraft we want to play.

6. Double check you have "Pay Hourly" selected and hit the green button. Depending on if you are a new account you may have a free trial available here. If you are not a new user you may have to configure your billing settings.

7. All done! Your new hourly Minecraft server has been deployed! Click either of the buttons on the page to view our Web App, or simply get your connection details from the right hand side.

ServerFlex supports multiple games, and we are constantly adding new games to the platform and expanding to new regions. 2021 is going to be a huge year for the platform and you can expect a huge variety of games and locations arriving through the year.

ServerFlex: Hourly Game Hosting Made Easy.



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