At the time of writing this both Stable and Experimental are on version 1.1.53 - meaning they are the identical version, however this is not always the case. Experimental will usually be at least a few versions ahead of Stable.

As the developers of Factorio release new versions of the server they initially push to the "Experimental" release branch. Versions on this branch can be buggy and a little unreliable, but they offer the upside of new features.

Why would I want to play on Experimental?

Factorio Experimental might provide new features that are not currently available in Stable. Additionally it is likely Experimental will receive bug fixes prior to the main release on Stable.

How do I create an Experimental Factorio Server?

There are a lot of server hosting providers on the market, but only a few that easily support both Stable and Experimental Factorio servers. We are one of them! Head over to our Factorio Server Hosting page and click to create a new server.

As the new server page loads you will see the Factorio Branch options of Stable and Experimental, with the current version numbers on the right. Click "Experimental" and complete your server setup by clicking "Create Server" on the right.

This new Factorio server will be linked to the Experimental branch that we maintain of Factorio, meaning every time an update is release for Experimental Factorio, you will receive an offer to update to the latest release - with a single click!

If you have any queries about Factorio Experiential please get in touch with us in Discord:

Happy gaming!

Team ServerFlex.