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How do I update my Valheim server?

Valheim updates fairly infrequently, however when an update does become available on Steam it is important to update your server. Crossplay between different versions of the Valheim client and server is not possible. If you are seeing issues relating to "Incompatible Version" then it is likely either your server or client is not running the latest release.

To update your Valheim server you first need to load your server in the ServerFlex Control Panel. Then hover over "Server Actions" in the header and click "Update".

Update button on the ServerFlex Control Panel for Valheim

A popup window will now appear - this window should indicate that there is an update available. Click the "Update Server" button to run the update. If you are presented with a message saying you are already up to date then your server is already running the latest Valheim server from Steam. You can choose to "Force Update Server" which will instruct your server to check directly with Steam to see if any update is available.

It may take a couple of minutes to update your server. You will see a server status of: "Updating" while your server is installing any updates. Your server will restart when the update has completed.

Updating your server will not have any impact on your world files. However we already recommend creating a backup before updating.